July 10, 2015

The Beauty of Starts and Finishes

 I finished this little wallhanging for my friend Terry a while back. He was, and continues to be, a great source of encouragement to me in the last year and a half.

    I love how it turned out! The fabrics are wonderful....I bought more of them for my stash.
I plan on making Wisconsin my home in the very near future, so I figure I need to have a few tops ready for the hoop. I foresee alot of hand quilting time coming up. Winters here are long and hard. Mason's quilt had the priority. I love this top!!
 It reminds me of a circus....not sure why. I will figure out a way to put that into the name.
 The next top is bed size and only needs the borders put on. I'll do that next week, and then finish another UFO top waiting in the wings. In my hoop right now is this little 36x36 inch gift quilt. It has the same fabrics as Terry's quilt and is for my lifelong friend, Lori.
 My Queen size Underground Railroad quilt is just about done. Only the 2 outer borders need quilting and they should go fast. I plan on much productivity this winter!
The next 3 days will see nothing but playtime with this guy!!!!
 He came north this morning to spend a 4 day weekend with his grandma and John. He wore me out on the first day!! He wore himself out too, and was sound asleep at 7:30, which is why I was able to do this little post. He'll be up bright and early and ready for more fun. 
I hope your weekend will be as entertaining as my own!!!

July 9, 2015

A Teddy Bear Beauty

 Meet Willow. She came to us on April 1st. She is a Teddy Bear puppy, and was a gift from me to John, who is a dog lover.
 He was very surprised when he came home and found her waiting for him!
 She is a princess, for sure!
 She was so tiny.....but....
 She grew! And she became quite the Mama's girl!! She loves John and the boys, but certainly decided she was MY dog....and I'm a cat lady!
 Just don't tell Willow that! Although, I have to say, she loves Zion, and I think some days she is convinced that she, too, is a cat!!!!!
 Teddy's lighten up as they get older. She is a beautiful girl! But.....
 She is VERY naughty. Puppy Manners classes start next week!!!
Willow is not looking forward to that! 
I'll share more about Willow in coming posts. She is certainly a powerful force in our home! She's lucky she is cute!!!! Nuff said!
I should be back tomorrow....so much catching up to do! I can't leave you without a cat picture so here is one.....look closely.....
Poor Willow. She can't join them up there. Well, she can actually jump up on that couch now, so there are few safe places for them. 
See you soon! Thanks for the visit!