March 27, 2015

Beautiful Squares

A birthday gift for a dear friend who helped me through the darkest time of my life. He will get a bigger one in the near future!! I sure love these fabrics!!! All from charm squares. I found a new to me fabric store in a near by town. Ye Olde Schoolhouse is located about half an hour from me. 
Christine, from A Simple Quilter lives nearby and took me for the day. It was quite fun and John gave me some cash to spend....which I DID.
Enough fabric for a nice size quilt for our livingroom. I am excited to start it....AFTER the one in the hoop, and then Mason's quilt gets done. I am happy to get some quilting mojo back. I lost it for quite a while there. Hopefully, blogging will inspire me to pic up that needle more. There is also a Friday hand stitching group that meets at the quilt shop ALL DAY can go for as long or as short a time as you wish. I plan to do some of those Fridays. Chatting with other quilters and hand quilting....what could be nicer?

March 25, 2015

The Beauty in Washing Dishes

 No, you did not read that wrong. Why blog about dishes? Is my life that boring now? No, it's not, hahaha....but I do dishes at least twice, and some days up to 4 times a day. One of the changes in my life is that I no longer have a dishwasher. Now, I am not going to pretend that is a Beauty for Ashes is NOT! However, I decided from the beginning that I would make the dish washing experience as beautiful as possible. I actually don't mind it a bit. My first requirement is that I spend a little extra money for the products that make washing dishes a more positive experience. I LOVE Mrs. Meyer products, and the aromatherapy that takes place IS beautiful.
 My new kitchen has the sink positioned in the corner with windows on either side. It creates a spectacular view, and I add the things I like to look at in that back corner. My future husband is wonderful about making sure I have flowers so those are almost always there....
 These tulips are about done, but they are still beautiful. And look at that view out the window!!!
 I have pretty dish soap and hand soap dispensers on either side of the sink. John not only makes sure I have flowers....he likes to make sure I get a regular giggle. He writes something on the hand soap's chalkboard every once in a while. This is what was there yesterday.
 I love using the towels my friends have made me over the years.
 When he is home, John dries while I wash. It is much nicer to work together, but I have to say, I also enjoy my time looking out that window in silence. Either way, I am blessed.
 Once they are done and put away, it is a good feeling.
 Do not think I am kidding myself. I know this is not a beautiful thing, BUT, there is no reason to not make it as beautiful as possible, and somehow, I think I lucked out with the view, and the corner sink. It sure makes a mundane daily chore much more enjoyable.

March 24, 2015

The Beauty of Grandchildren

 God has a way about Him.....when He gives Beauty for Ashes, He does not mess around. In a matter of 9 months, I went from having 2 grandchildren, to having 4.....a double portion. Along with TJ, who turns 10 on Thursday, and Emerson, now 6 and a half, meet Allie, and Mason. Allie is my Daughter In Love, Jessica's 7 year old daughter, which now makes her ours too. Mason is Kim (my son) and Jessie's new baby, now 5 months old .
 My cup runneth over......
How can life get more beautiful than that? It can't....or maybe it can.....

March 22, 2015

Beautiful New Beginnings

 If you followed me over from Life With A Little Sass, you'll find a much different blog. Well maybe not so different. I am still me....just changed. Ok, maybe it IS different. This blog is about Beauty for Ashes. I won't is just as it sounds. Here is some of the beauty that has taken place in the last year and  half.

 In future posts, I will share this beauty with you. I am not going back to dig in the ashes. They are buried under the beauty of my new life. I am excited to write again, and to record pictures and family history for my new grandson. 
Until next time.....