June 3, 2016

Almost a Year??

 It's been almost a year. Does anyone even blog anymore? Facebook is the place to be! I, however, started blogging as a diary for my children and their children, and I have dropped that ball repeatedly. I want to try again. 
Much has happened in the past year. I married this handsome guy.....
 Life is good!!! It is quiet and slow, and my boys are happy. 
I did suffer a small stroke last August...the day after I married...but recovered very quickly, and am doing well. It scared the kids, after losing their dad to a stroke, but by the time the knew it had happened, I was home. Some honeymoon!! 
Another big deal....I finished the UGRR Quilt that I started, and have worked on, for a decade! It was a great accomplishment. 
I have started and finished several other quilts since I last posted, and have 2 more in the hoop with imminent deadlines. 
In the meantime, here is a quilt I made for my great niece, who is due this month.
The hand quilting was quick and fun!
 Here is a little peek at a current quilt in my hoop. It is for my granddaughter, Allie.
I call it "Unicorn Poop". You'll understand why when you see the whole thing. 
Next time I will show you my new sewing space my sweet husband created for me. I am hoping and praying that blogging again....whether any one is even left out there to read it....will keep me off facebook a little bit and give me an outlet to share photos and life.
Zion will be making appearances again as well!!
If you've read this, thanks for bearing with me!


  1. Hi bren, happy to see you blogging again. I too hope to start back blogging again soon! I look forward to your posts and especially the pictures. Praying all is well in your new life, sorry to hear about the stroke. Can't wait for pictures of your new sewing space. Blessings joann

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  3. Yay! Bloggage! When you mentioned blogs the other day I was hoping it meant you were making a comeback. Now if we can just get my mom back up and running. ��

    1. YES...
      and a certain ex goat miller and her sister!

    2. MILKER....my phone changed it on me!

    3. MILKER....my phone changed it on me!

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  4. New post! Good to see you back to blogging! What an eventful (and mostly amazing) year, huh? I live seeing your quiet life now. :). Share lots of pictures of that sky!

    I've loved seeing the snippets of Unicorn Poop as it comes together. Can't wait to see it all completed! <3

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  6. Weird, what's with the double posting? Does that mean we're just extra happy you're back?

  7. It double posted my replies too. Blogger is doubly happy I'm back!

  8. It double posted my replies too. Blogger is doubly happy I'm back!

  9. I'm so happy to see you back and to know how happy you are! I love your new home and how you've made it so beautiful and inviting.

    Blessings - Julie

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