March 25, 2015

The Beauty in Washing Dishes

 No, you did not read that wrong. Why blog about dishes? Is my life that boring now? No, it's not, hahaha....but I do dishes at least twice, and some days up to 4 times a day. One of the changes in my life is that I no longer have a dishwasher. Now, I am not going to pretend that is a Beauty for Ashes is NOT! However, I decided from the beginning that I would make the dish washing experience as beautiful as possible. I actually don't mind it a bit. My first requirement is that I spend a little extra money for the products that make washing dishes a more positive experience. I LOVE Mrs. Meyer products, and the aromatherapy that takes place IS beautiful.
 My new kitchen has the sink positioned in the corner with windows on either side. It creates a spectacular view, and I add the things I like to look at in that back corner. My future husband is wonderful about making sure I have flowers so those are almost always there....
 These tulips are about done, but they are still beautiful. And look at that view out the window!!!
 I have pretty dish soap and hand soap dispensers on either side of the sink. John not only makes sure I have flowers....he likes to make sure I get a regular giggle. He writes something on the hand soap's chalkboard every once in a while. This is what was there yesterday.
 I love using the towels my friends have made me over the years.
 When he is home, John dries while I wash. It is much nicer to work together, but I have to say, I also enjoy my time looking out that window in silence. Either way, I am blessed.
 Once they are done and put away, it is a good feeling.
 Do not think I am kidding myself. I know this is not a beautiful thing, BUT, there is no reason to not make it as beautiful as possible, and somehow, I think I lucked out with the view, and the corner sink. It sure makes a mundane daily chore much more enjoyable.


  1. I did a comment on a post Tuesday but lost it so didn't redo.....I've kept up with you on FB and am happy you're blogging again...I didn't know you'd moved but congrats on the new home and on John, you deserve daughter has a corner sink like that in the house she bought after her divorce...of course she'll be moving back in the former house she helped build this summer and selling that stages....
    I have a dishwasher and I run a load about 3 times a week so I do some dishes in the sink, also...prep work dishes, plastic and some pieces I just wash by hand...I like your soap dispenser.
    Mama Bear

  2. Bren, I love your sink and those windows with that view makes even a tedious job such as washing dishes, almost a joy! LOL

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