March 22, 2015

Beautiful New Beginnings

 If you followed me over from Life With A Little Sass, you'll find a much different blog. Well maybe not so different. I am still me....just changed. Ok, maybe it IS different. This blog is about Beauty for Ashes. I won't is just as it sounds. Here is some of the beauty that has taken place in the last year and  half.

 In future posts, I will share this beauty with you. I am not going back to dig in the ashes. They are buried under the beauty of my new life. I am excited to write again, and to record pictures and family history for my new grandson. 
Until next time.....



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    1. Love you too, my friend. Thanks for stepping in deep with me the last year and a half!

  2. HI Bren! Good morning to you!!

    1. Hi, Julie girl!! I've missed you!

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    1. You too, Niki! I was telling John about you recently.

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    3. Oh Bren, I am so happy for you. I have missed you, girl. So glad life is getting beautiful again for you!